Jason & Wayne Jason & Wayne Jason & Wayne Jason & Wayne
Drew & Wayne Drew & Wayne Drew & Wayne Drew & Wayne
Drew & Vic Drew & Vic Drew & Vic Drew & Vic
This release from Mike's archives features hairy-chested Army sergeant Vic, and ripped blonde stud Drew. Vic starts off the video by slipping out of his workout shirt and track pants to reveal a ripped chest and hot tatts. Vic strokes his meaty cock for a while until Drew pops in to start sucking it. Once Drew has Vic worked up Vic bend him over the bed and slides his dick in dress round bubble-butt and pumps until he spurt a huge load of hot cum on Drew's back.
Danny & Bryce Danny & Bryce Danny & Bryce Danny & Bryce
Bryce and Danny are two straight Army soldiers who have shot enough scenes with Mike to know there's nothing like a buddy who, even though he's straight, has learned to work your dick. Bryce and Danny start jerking off off side-by-side, they're both already hard when Bryce reaches over and starts helping his buddy out, first with his hand, then with his mouth. Bryce's green boxers come off so that Danny can return the favor alternately giving his battle buddy Bryce a helping hand and a helping mouth, until he comes. They switch back and Bryce sucks his buddy for awhile, until Danny releases his load in Bryce's capable hands.
Bryce & Marty Bryce & Marty Bryce & Marty Bryce & Marty
Bryce and Marty are two straight Army soldiers. They start off side by side, kissing passionately. Pretty soon they've stripped off their underwear and Bryce starts to help his buddy Marty out with a blowjob. Marty returns the favor and they trade off for a bit until Marty decides he wants to put his straight cock in Bryce's ass. Marty puts Bryce's legs up in the air and pound away until he squirts a huge load on Bryce's dick. Marty then bends over to return the favor until Bryce cums on Marty's back.
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