Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck
Put Chuck gets a little help from his buddy!
Chris Chris Chris Chris
Chris is a 21yo Army Corporal I met hanging out at the mall. He was watching his buddies' packs while he was waiting for them in the food court, I didn't know how long I'd have til they got back so I siezed the opportunity and asked him why he got stuck on guard duty. Her laughed and said he was broke, I told hiom I could help with that and gave him my card. He was a little shyer than I expected, and his video is kinda short--but he has a big load stored in those balls which he lets out of a big mushroom head cock.
Trey Trey Trey Trey
Trey is a 25yo Army sergeant from Ft. Bragg, NC, who I met at the local Walmart (it is THE place to go to pick up hot soldiers when you're in Fayetteville, you should definitely check it out). Trey was browsing the automotive section looking at new car stereos and I could kinda tell he wanted the one he couldn't afford. So naturally I asked him if he'd like to make some quick cash. I could tell he was interested, but nervous about being approached. Which is OK, I kinda like them that way. Trey is 5'11" and weighs in at 200lbs. He likes to work out, play golf, and watch sports. He said he'd been approached before--not surprising in Fayetteville--but that I was the first he'd said yes to. I guess the key is to ask them right when they want to buy something they can't afford! Trey got over his nervousness in a big way, unleashing a big load on his chest and declaring that he had fun and would like to do it again. Hope to see you again, too, Trey!
Brent & Brock Brent & Brock Brent & Brock Brent & Brock
Brock is a 24yo former Army corporal, who stands 5'8" tall and is a tight and ripped 160lbs with blonde hair and a nice meaty cock once it gets hard. Brent is a 26yo Army Sgt. with a few tatts and some hair on his chest, a shaved head, and an uncut cock. Both of them were eager to experiment (Brock has some experience in that area already so I knew I could count on him to take the lead) and after a few minutes jerking off together, Brock reaches for Brent's hard dick and starts stroking his buddy. Brent soon returns the favor and grabs ahold of Brock's thick shaft. Not for long, as Brock can't resist putting his lips around his fellow soldier's cock. When Brent's cum fountain erupts Brock's waiting face is covered in hot fresh Army cum. Brent returns the favor grabbing hold of Brock's manhood with one hand and going to town and back with his mouth until Brock busts his nut on Brent face.
Luke Luke Luke Luke
Luke is a 27 yo ex-Army Sergeant who up until a little over a year ago was stationed near me at Ft. Bragg in Fayetteville, NC, and never moved away when his contract was up. He's a buddy of another one of my guys who has done quite a bit of work for me, but he never suspected what his buddy was up to until recently, when his friend suggested that he come rub one out for me and maybe more. He was a little nervous at first, but I've already shot another with him and he loosens right up after this shoot (sometimes it just takes these guys, who are straight-up amateurs, a minute to get used to a gay man videotaping their most intimate moments). Luke has a huge cock though and loves to show it off. And even though he fucked a chick just the night before (even though I told the fucker to save it up!) he managed to dump a big load from that massive dick onto my pillow.
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