Brock 3 Brock 3 Brock 3 Brock 3
This is actually the FIRST video I shot of Brock, once I got started again, but I misplaced the tape and I thought all was lost, until I lucked out and found it in a 'safe' spot lol.
Luke 2 Luke 2 Luke 2 Luke 2
Ex-Army guy Luke's back for another round!
Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter
Hunter is a lanky Marine corporal who happened to be in the area--usually it's all Army guys around here but I couldn't say no! Hunter is 5'11" tall and weighs "about 170". He's a little nervous at first but overcomes it by fingering his asshole...wonder who taught him that?
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy takes off his tight-whiteys and lets me touch his cock.
James 2 James 2 James 2 James 2
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