My private Marine Corps chasing tapes
My name is Mike

I thought I would give you a bit of background to let you know how I started chasing military men. As a 16 year old teenager at that time I had only had my cock sucked by a few older guys.I was living in the Columbus Ohio area and a family reunion was planed at Dillion lake near Zanesville Ohio with two large cabins rented for 25 or so that was coming. My cousin had finished basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. and was coming to the reunion and had a friend he was bringing that just got of training as well, the guy had no family close enough to visit.

One late night after swimming and drinking most people were in bed. The few of us that was still awake decided to call it a night. Me and five cousins were sharing a three bed bedroom along with the tag along friend ( Eric ). Up until that night I had the bed to myself, that was before Eric came out the bathroom and crawled in bed with me saying he's sleeping here and that Jr. snores.

About an hour later I awake to the shaking of the bed to find Eric jacking his cock. I looked at him and said nothing. He reaches over and takes my hand to put on his cock. I don't stop him , but instead just start jacking him. He tells me to suck him and I tell him I can't do that. He replies that I better or all the guys will know I jacked his cock. So I took the very first cock in my mouth, and then he pulled down my shorts and told be to lay on my stomach and then he put his cock in my ass. and fucked me. Eric was a very fit good looking muscled farm boy , and guess where he sleep for the remainder of the reunion.

Many years later after plenty more encounters with guys I ran across a few military themed websites. Seeing the hard muscled young men took me back to time spent with Eric. It was 1995 and back in those days I had a little extra money and I decided that I would find me a few military men to play with, and I had it in the back of my mind that I might be able to start a website like those others I seen.

At that time Yahoo had the best search engine, type in Army or Marine and profiles would pop up so I started messaging guys with very little response. Then I got the idea if I offered them money to Jack off on film they would bite, boy was I right. Problem was that they were mostly in North Carolina. So I decided to rent a house in Topsail (a beachside town near Camp LeJeune--locals pronouce it 'Topsel') and headed east.

My third day there I filmed two very hot guys separately, Max and Paul. At the time I had no website to put these video on, I was content just to watch the guys shoot loads out for their hard cocks. Being who I am, that didn't last long before I got the nerve to try touching them in the pretense of getting pictures of the hard cocks...If their reaction wasn't adverse I would start to jack them, then I would go down on them and suck them off...I haven't posted any of those yet because I'm shy, but if there's enough demand I might reconsider.

Most of the guys I found at the time were found on the internet , but I did pick up many guys in strip clubs and bars. I had the best luck at a bar called Tarheels, I would tell them how they could make some money and take them to one of the motels on Marine avenue near another bar named Shooters.

One night at Tarheels I ran in one of the guys I had filmed there with two of his buddies. He tells me he and his friends want to make some money. To the motel we went and it was a night I won't ever forget, sex with three very hot muscled marines. I even got two of the guys to jack each other before finishing them off myself! These were great days, and what an introduction to Marine chasing.

I stayed in Topsail for six weeks having fun with the Marines. During that time more than a few army soldiers ame down to Jacksonville ('Jayvel' is on the north side of Camp Lejuene, Topsail is on the south) from Fayetteville's Fort Bragg, which is how I learned to like Army boys as well.

At the time I was using a Sony mini dvd camera to film, this was back in 1995 when this kind of technology was shit hot, remember. I was never able to get it together back then to put them online, and the quality of websites got better and better these stayed in a drawer. They're hot videos just filmed on an ancient camera. But now that I am filming for REAL, I am making these videos available online for the first time as a bonus extra for my members.

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